Holly Dison, Nic Chavez, Wrara Plesoiu

We believe in the art of physical self expression. We live on the thrill of chasing the limits of human strength, flexibility, and grace, and having fun while doing it. We believe in elevating life out of the mundane. We do this by creating a community of highly skilled athletes and artists to share and channel their expertise and passion into awe inspiring acts of human performance.


Aerial acrobatic classes are currently located in the beautiful, former historic church building at 902 East McKinley St in downtown Phoenix, also the home of Core Crossfit and AeroTerra Arts.  We offer training in a variety of aerial apparatuses, as well as aerial teacher certification. We also offer fun alternative fitness classes for basic strength and mobility, which condition the body for aerial sports and other athletic activities. If you're not interested in flying but you are interested in touching your toes, doing the splits, or getting rock hard abs, we can help! If you're looking for performers for your next event we can help with that too.


three queens circus school studio building in downtown phoenix arizona located at 902 east mckinley street.

Core Crossfit and AeroTerra

Also at this location are Core Crossfit, which offers strength training and olympic lifting classes, personal training, and nutrition plans for the ever popular crossfit exercises and AeroTerra, which has classes in aerial, parkour, swing dance, belly dance and burlesque. More information on these companies can be found on their site links: